Photos: 4.09 “Perishable” Logofree Episode Screencaptures

Photos: 4.09 “Perishable” Logofree Episode Screencaptures

I have added 2000 HD logofree episode screencaptures from “Perishable” to the gallery.

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Music: The Soundtrack from 4.09 “Perishable”

Music: The Soundtrack from 4.09 “Perishable”

Justin Nozuka – “Iulius”
Stiles and Stilinski discuss medical bills at the hospital

Magic Man – “Paris”
Coach talking about bonfire

Deorro – “Bootie in Your Face”
Bonfire party starts

New World Sound & Timmy Trumpet – “The Buzz”
Bonfire party – Mason wants Liam drunk

Matt Andersen – “I Work Hard For the Luxury”
Brunski plays his tape in his office

Damon – “Don’t You Feel Me”
Brunski plays another…

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Spoilers: Scoop on Malia and Stiles

Spoilers: Scoop on Malia and Stiles

What more can you tell us about what’s going to happen to Malia and Stiles’s relationship on Teen Wolf beyond Jeff Davis’ very ambiguous answer of “They’ve got a rocky road ahead.” I don’t want/need it to be all sunshine and lollipops, but is this a relationship that we’ll actually see develop as Malia and Stiles work through the natural hazards of living/loving in Beacon Hills or are we just…

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Music: The Soundtrack from 4.08 “Time of Death”

Jerome Holloway – “Who Will Love Me”
Stiles and Malia in bed trying to get comfortable

Chet Faker – “Gold”
Derek and Braeden play with guns, each other, etc

I Break Horses – “Heart to Know”
Kira dreams about her and Scott talking about first date

Justin Nozuka – “Sweet Lover”
Stiles and Malia talk about Peter and family bonds

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Photos: Dylan Portraits at Young Hollywood Awards (x)

Photos: Dylan at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards (x)